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Currently you can only place orders from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. If you want to order from a different country, please drop us a message and we will expand the offers.

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Fanzine and E-Zine reviews all over the world!

Click the links below to see what the people from Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada think about the EP The Haunted and the Hunted!

Print media:
Visions – Demo of the month (GER, issue 250)
Online Reviews:
In Your Face (GER)
Underground Empire
Volumes of Sin
Powermetal (GER)
Lords of Metal (NED) (ITA)
Stormbringer (AUT)
Metalunderground (AUT)
Obliveon (GER)
Heavyhardes (GER)

Thanks a lot to all reviewers for taking the time to listen to the Discopowerboxxx.
Greetings from the Boxxx

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Big thanks to the people at VISIONS magazine and Dennis Drögemüller for the awesome review and selecting our EP for the 250 aniversary issue… you really hit home.

Here is the English translation:
An idiotic name, a DIY artwork full of pentagrams, skulls and naked breasts, as well as a chavvy photograph of the band wearing sunglasses – who wants to make it like this should deliver Death Punk as ingenious as Discopowerboxxx.
On their third EP The Haunted And The Hunted the quintet from Vorarlberg in Austria throw themselves into ultra-manly clichés even in their lyrics: ‘After years of horror/ A young warrior arrives/ Meets his fate calmly/ His sword shall thrive.’ Sounds kind of ridiculous at first, but is a hell of a lot of fun – thanks to the wink that accompanies such apocalyptic heroic fantasies, but most of all due to the sound. The grungy guitars start with early Metallica’s Thrash Metal and end with the Turbonegro’s dirty Death Punk and are not afraid of dipping into poser shades and Horrorpunk aesthetics. Death On My Neck is damned hit between I Got Erection and Seek & Destroy, Kings Of Kobra indulges in a Hellacopters organ behind the guitar tracks. Along with this, the singer Christian Geser here and there barks like a Hardcore shouter. Together with the bumpy but organic production this results in an uncompromising and entertaining overall picture. Hard to tell if one wants to hear all this fully produces some time – or whether this would be the death of this pretty filth.

What a way to start the new year!
All the best for 2014.
The Discopowerboys

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Hail to the Antichristmassacre Seven!…and one more Review

Hello Fellas!
Don’t miss the coolest pre-x-mas metalshow and extravagance at the Schlachthaus Dornbirn! By the way, this is going to be the last show of our sexy guitarist Punti!
And here is another cool review from Thanks a lot!

Feliz navidad…Your Discoamigos

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Important announcement

Discopowerboxxx are looking for a new guitarist. Our buddy Punti will unfortunately leave the band at the end of the year, so this is your chance to become a true Discopowerranger. Grab your guitar and come visit us for a jam session at our rehearsal room!


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Discopowerboxxx goes Hollywood…

…and we’re not talking about intimate shaving!
To celebrate the release of our new EP “The Haunted and the Hunted” in September, we now do release our first ever music video for the song “Death on my Neck”. Have fun watching.
The CD release party will take place on September 28, 2013 at the Schrott-Rock in Hohenems. The Bloodeegles and Vibratör will join in on the festivities.

Your Discocrüe

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It’s coming…

The new EP “THE HAUNTED AND THE HUNTED” will be officially released in September 2013. The cover artwork and the tracklist can be found under MUSIC.

The Discopowerboxxx

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It’s getting brutal!

Hey folks!
All songs for the new EP are recorded and the premix is done. Next up: Analog mastering!
Meanwhile we started to write new, hyper evil, more aggressive and supersexy songs.

The Discopowerpack

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Recording the final song for our upcoming EP which is planned to be released spring/summer 2013.

Meanwhile you can hear the new songs at our upcoming shows.

See you there! The Kingz of Discopower…

Next gig:

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Antichristmassacre…In the sign of the evil child!

Next concert with Discopowerboxxx!
And we like it…

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