As you probably can see, we have overhauled the website. Thus, we have the following updates for you too:
Our latest records and shirts can be purchased from our BigCartel page where all business is taken care of by us, even if we have to lick the stamps for shipping. Really cool! Of course, there still will be a whole bunch of stuff sold at our live shows.
While it has become rather quiet lately and we made fewer appearances on stage, we are still going hog wild in our headquarters a.k.a. the Discopowerbunxxx. Bloody!
We have written enough head-banging and ass-kicking tunes about trucks, blood, gore, shit, the netherworld, getting a dicking and nihilism that will be recorded and published in the near future. And we are going to bring that mayhem to the public at the famous Antichristmassacre show in its 9th edition.
This is the best way to crush the holiday spirit and get really loud and batshit crazy with hard-rocking bands from the area.
Greetings from the Boxxx